Popes IN Drag

P.I.D (Popes in Drag)

Popes in Drag (P.I.D) is a punk rock band that was originally formed in 1988’ hailing from Pueblo, Colorado. After a hiatus the band returned with their high-energy performances and raw, unapologetic lyrics and has been making waves in the underground punk scene in Colorado for the past few years. P.I.D is known for their unique blend of punk, metal, and hardcore, creating a sound that is both aggressive and melodic. The band consists of lead singer Ricardo Alvarado, bass player Sean Brocher, drummer Jake Woodall, and guitarist Joker. With their upcoming tour in August of 2023, P.I.D is sure to bring their signature sound to even more fans across the West Coast. Fans of punk rock won't want to miss out on the opportunity to see Popes in Drag live on stage


Tour Dates August 23'

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